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Drawing for children is not easy.
Creating a cartoon and simplified version of a person or animal might look simple, but it's actually more challenging than copying an anathomically correct model.

In the last few years I have been fascinated by the amount of energy one can put into children illustrations and literature,
finding always new ways to convey a message in a not-obvious way.
I read countless books, followed a lot of seminars and conferences (both online and locally)
and the more I learn the more I strive to create better content for kids.

The cover of the printed version of "CANTIAMO INSIEME"


The back of "CANTIAMO INSIEME" and how happy I was when I received my personal copy :)


The back of "La mia scuola si colora", where both my name and the school name appear!


A preview of one of interior pages of "CANTIAMO INSIEME"


A preview of one of interior pages of "CANTIAMO INSIEME"


Cover of the kindergarten colouring book "La mia scuola si colora"

In 2017 I collaborated with preschool services and a kindergarten to create, edit and print a couple of books.

"CANTIAMO INSIEME" is a song book that was requested by a preschool service, because they wanted a style more suitable for children of that age (0-3 years old).

"La mia scuola si colora" is a project to help kindergarten children (4-6 years old) develope pre-writing skills, learn not-so-common animal names and the alphabet, while colouring.
In 2018 I published my first children's book.

This one is more suitable for 3-6 year old children as they get the final pun, while younger children (0-3 yo) understand the general meaning and focus more on the sounds and repetitions.

It's a short story to help children understands that turtles are not exactly "normal" pets! I started this project, because I wanted to prove that I was able to create a story coherent, with meaning and visually pleasing, both for adults and children.


This project is particularly dear to me as I was lucky enough to collaborate with a vet specialized in reptiles to confirm all the info I put inside the book!

In 2017 I published a fully illustrated book on what you need to know before adopting a turtle!

Here's the first edition italian version: Amazon
And here's the second edition with improved illustrations: Amazon

The ENGLISH version: Amazon

Some general info on the diet a turtle needs to follow

pag 11.jpg

Cover of the new song book for children I am working on!


The basic info about the indoor keeping of a water turtle!


The cover of the upcoming english version, before the illustration rework


This page is particularly dear to me as I can not stress enough how important it is to ask for a vet visit!


The index I made for the "CANTIAMO INSIEME" book

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